Cubbie Cotton Marketing

Over recent years Cubbie Ag management has created Cubbie Cotton Marketing(CCM) as its preferred marketing vehicle. As a long-term grower Cubbie Ag management understands the critical needs for unlocking value in the cotton supply chain.

Cubbie Ag has worked hard promoting its brand and in general the Australian cotton brand in the market place, discussing the niche characteristics aligned with Australian cotton qualities.

CCM is responsible for trading Australian cotton, providing export opportunities to local farms and dealing directly with overseas buyers.

CCM utilises the extensive experience and global network of Shandong Ruyi’s cotton marketing team to open up opportunities not only for Cubbie Ag but also for other Australian growers. The Ruyi cotton marketing team also provide a great insight into the global market place allowing CCM to achieve best market outcomes.

CCM partners with Lempriere Global Logistics when shipping bales from the ginnery to destination, efficiently delivering to various main ports in China and throughout the Asian rim.