Cubbie Ginnery

“Cubbie Ginnery” is located on Cubbie Road approximately 9 radial kms west of the township of Dirranbandi in Southern Queensland. The ginnery was purchased in 2013 from Queensland Cotton to provide an integrated processing facility adjoining “Cubbie Station”.

Our ginnery performs to the highest of standards, after each ginning season a thorough repair and maintenance program is undertaken to ensure its customers receive above expected results. Our customers, both growers and spinners are encouraged to spend time at the ginnery during the processing season.

The ginnery has since undergone major upgrades and renovations to improve throughput efficiency and volume of the processing facilities. These major upgrades have also allowed for new technology to be adapted benefiting all parties, the grower, the ginner and ultimately the spinning mill.

Cubbie Ag focus is on excellence, from planting to harvesting to ginning the crop. The cotton ginning process can often be an overlooked component in cotton’s transition from field to fabric.

Cubbie Ag management knows that the quality of the cotton is never better than when it enters the gin, and for that reason, we have worked tirelessly to be certain that the ginnery features the very latest in technological advances in machinery and process control, in order to provide high processing throughput, while at the same time preserving the fiber quality properties that make Australian cotton a niche commodity in the market place.

Cubbie Ginnery is extremely focused on safety, proudly displaying the necessary processes and procedures to protect the ginnery’s staff.