Cubbie Ag is now operating on a global platform, management strive to deliver optimum outcomes for the vertically aligned global agricultural business while critically servicing our local growers.

The importance and well-being of the local community and the environment is very much in the strategic corporate framework when determining success of the Cubbie Ag agricultural business.

Cubbie Ag management, staff and contractors’ commitment and enthusiasm towards the business is well recognised by the local community and industry peers.

Cubbie Ag’s management, staff and contractors all strive to set high standards in relation to Work Place Health and Safety, proudly displaying and incorporating the necessity for a safe workplace.​

Cubbie Ag management team aims to be a setter of standards with respect to environmental sustainability in irrigated agriculture. We strive to produce commodities that will take full advantage of the surging demand for Australian products from consumers and potential demand for crops for industrial use. The company is capable of producing a wide variety of irrigated agriculture including cotton, wheat, sorghum, sunflowers, barley, chickpeas and corn.​

Cubbie Ag management believes that the production of irrigated agriculture and a viable environment can co-exist in a sustainable manner and the company has designed and managed their properties to achieve this goal.